The Tipping Point

Photo by Sabine Maxine Lopez

We are more than halfway thru this year and so much has happened! SO MUCH! A pandemic, an uprising, continuous murders of trans people, continuous murders of Black people, capitalism, gentrification, this president, this administration. To say this period of time has been painful is an understatement. I have shed more tears this year than the past 5 years combined. I have sat in silence countless mornings unable to move my body or change my thought patterns. I've tried to numb my pain with shopping, eating, substances, but nothing works. I'm forced to feel what I need to feel. We all are. It's impossible to shield yourself from what is going on. It's as though we are collectively experiencing growing pains. I know this pain is temporary, but my goodness do we need a break.

I believe this year is one of transformation. There is something in the universe that is calling for change. More than calling. It is demanding change! Everyone I've had long conversations with is experiencing a huge shift in their lives. Wether it's career, romantic, personal, or spiritual... we all seem to be going thru something big and are experiencing a painful break of some kind. It hurts. Allow it to hurt. The more we try and resist the change, the more painful it will become. That's my advice anyway.

I myself have learned to lean into this shift. I've made choices that will drastically change the next few years of my life and I'm excited about that. Scared as hell but also excited. The road to transformation is rarely comfortable and is most often painful. I embrace the pain and look forward to the beauty that will unfurl. In my life, in my community, in this country, in the world. What comes next will indeed be better. It has to be right?!

How are you getting through this transformational period? Are you at your tipping point yet?

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