Queer Fashionspiration Part. 1

As I began my journey with A Tribe Called Queer, I had no idea where it would take me. At that time, I simply wanted to create a space on Instagram where folks can learn about other queer people and what they're doing. Now, I'm really beginning to figure out how to use the platform I have to make a difference and to also share my passions.

One of my passions... is FASHION! I have always loved expressing myself through clothing. In high school, I would alter my clothes to create what I believed to be a LEWK! As I young adult I began to dive head first into my love of vintage clothing and even created an online and pop-up shop called Patty Wack Vintage. I became obsessed with styling my look books for my vintage line, and was chosen to be featured at Queer Fashion Week!

Now, as I evolve into the woman of my dreams, and really try to get into this blogging thing... I want to share who with the world, my current Queer Fashionspirations!

I'm constantly inspired by the individuals below, and what they are wearing. They express themselves through their clothing and it shows.

Enjoy :)

1) Salima Allen

Hi, my name is Salima Allen. My pronouns are she/her, I'm from Santa Ana CA, and I am a jack of all trades at the moment. I am a photographer, events planner, social media manager, dancer, freelance artist and art director. I currently work for the Women's Center For Creative Work, Otherwild, and Pieter Performance Space.

1) How would you describe your style/fashion sense?

I would say that my look is very bold, bright and colorful. I like things that are a little different. I don't care about brands as long as the piece is a little funky or unique.

2) Who or what is the biggest influence on your style/fashion?

My biggest fashion influences come from the big beautiful world of Instagram.

I love the way Kelsey Lu is styled, the designer Areeayl Goodwin has some beautiful pieces, and a lot of UK brands I follow have more sparkly and festival appropriate outfits which always keeps me inspired.

3) How does your clothing tie into your identity?

My clothing means everything to me. I grew up not having much and not having much of a say about what I got to wear. Putting together the perfect outfit makes me happy. Its like a collage or little art piece I can wear. When I look good, I feel good. Its really one of the first things that people see when they look at you, and I feel as a black woman, I am able to take up some space by drawing attention to myself in a positive way. I am not only highlighting my creativiy, but I am showing off my beauty as a WOC. Commanding a room with a look is what inspires me.

4) What music are you currently playing on repeat?

All summer I've had the latest Junglepussy, Burna Boy, and Tierra Whack albums on repeat

5) What mark do you want to leave on the world?

I hope to leave a positive mark on the world. I want to inspire people, make beautiful art for people to enjoy, I want to continue to volunteer my time to help causes I believe in and continue to fight for them for as long as I can.

Salima's Instagram

2) Cee Sando

I'm Cee Sando, I use any/all PGP's. I'm originally from trinidad & tobago now living in Los Angeles by way of Toronto. I work in social media marketing & wardrobe styling... ive coined the term "social media stylist"

1) How would you describe your style/fashion sense?

A mix of 70s flower child, political statement, cute tees, mega glam... all adding up to make 100% black-weirdo unicorn!

2) Who or what is the biggest influence on your style/fashion?

I have so many style influences. eartha kitt, jimi hendrix, prince, patti smith, grace jones, jarvis church and rihanna inform my style just as much as my fav cartoons, graphic novels, cosplay and the effortlessly cool skater kids who hang out in my neighborhood.

3) How does your clothing tie into your identity?

I am all about wearing my identity on my sleeve... literally. from wearing tees with a political message to mixing equal parts masculine and feminine in a single look... its important to me to tell people exactly who i am without opening my mouth. that my look reflect my feelings druing any given season, or moment is of utmost importance to me. i am most powerful and self-confident when dressed in a fav fit. life is too short to leave the house in a look that doesn't make you feel your very best!

4) What music are you currently playing on repeat?

I've gone back to the 'classics' for summer- and by classics i mean a super wide range of choices- everything from jimi hendrix, carly simon, barbara lewis heart, fleetwood mac to esthero, brazilian girls and sneaker pimps. as for contemporary artists right now im all about jarina de marco, valerie june, noname, doja cat, kodie shane, katranada, princess nokia, anderson.paak and masego. to be honest, my absolute favorite tune right now is the gorgeous windchime i gifted myself for my birthday!

5) What mark do you want to leave on the world?

I want to leave this world in a better position than it was before i entered. im currently focusing all my energy on self-improvement. i am finding that as my self-love grows, life and the universe is improving all around me. the lives, circumstances and situations of those i around me- blood family, chosen family and the community i choose to surround myself with- are advancing in direct correlation to my own evolution. life truly is wonderful, and getting better every day!

Cee's Instagram

Last but certainly not least... my amazing partner in love and life...

3) Madin Ray Lopez

My name is Madin and my PGP's are They, Them, Theirs. I'm a hairstylist, Founder of the non-profit ProjectQ, and an activist.

1) How would you describe your style/fashion sense?

Funky and androgynous, with a twist of street style, while always keeping myself represented.

2) Who or what is the biggest influence on your style/fashion?

My wife inspires me to keep looking good! My fashion icons is Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000.

3) How does your clothing tie into your identity?

It's difficult as a non-binary black person to tow the line of masculine and feminine, while keeping in mind queerness at all time. But that's always my most important key to any outfit I wear.

4) What music are you currently playing on repeat?

St. Beauty. I learned about them because they opened for Janelle Monet. Their beats remind me of early funk music.

5) What mark do you want to leave on the world?

I want to use my talent to create change in my community. I aspire to create a generation of queer youth that love themselves.

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